God Kicking Campaign!

The story so far!

go go gadget plot synopsis

After Hao Tsu Lai was chased out of his ancestral home in the East, he, [Jimmy’s character] and [Martin’s character] headed south, due to disruption to the supply of behemoth flesh [Martin’s character] has been using in his experiments.

Along the way, [Jimmy’s character] slew the owner and proprietor of a gladiatorial arena, which was holding [Matt’s character] as its star attraction.

On arriving in the southern deserts, the group met up with Raxeri As, and her land ship and crew, and started to backtrack the behemoth flesh trade route to uncover what was going on.

Several days along the route, the circle came to the township of Sandfall, but were barred from entering due to the negotiations happening there. Bluffing their way through the guards, they discovered that a pair of dragonbloods were there, basically saying ‘give us all your shit so we don’t murder you all’ (only in slightly more politik ways). Retreating to the land ship, and much plotting later, the circle sneak into Sandfall, brutally murder the two dragonbloods in short order, and convert the regiment from the mortal army of the Realm to their cause. Sandfall was liberated from the Realm’s meddling, and threw a party for the solars (not knowing they’re solars though).

Towards the end of the multi-day celebrations, the next shipment of behemoth flesh from further south was due, and arrive it did, albeit early and being chase by Sand Monarchs, stony wurms from the borderlands. Fortunately, they were babies, and were eventually dispatched by the might of the solars, although not before [Jimmy’s character] had a couple of teeth embedded right through his torso.

The village became aware from the fantastic battle with the sand monarchs that the group are solars, however they care little, for they have now been saved twice by the group and continue the celebrations for another week, giving thanks especially to the Unconquered Sun for the Exalts who have helped them.

[Martin’s character] now has a supply of behemoth meat that will last for quite a while, as despite the sand monarchs being mostly comprised of stone, gravel and sand, with a small amount of flesh binding it together, plenty was eventually salvaged from them.

And so we rejoin the circle, as they contemplate their next move…



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